Elikes is an advertising platform where advertisers Upload their products or brands and also enable anyone to easily refer a product or brand simply with a referral link.


Select the product or Brand you want to refer to a colleague of a friend to open in detail, Copy the page URL link, click REFER THIS PAGE to open your Affiliate Area, paste the page URL you have copied to replace the default link “http://elikes.net/index.php/elikes-income-generator/ ” Then click Generate URL to generate your Referral link of that product or brand. Start Sharing the link to friends to register.


Registering as a USER allows you to generate and own a referral link on Elikes. The more people who registers on Elikes through your link entitles you to $1 Dollar on each person. To register is simple just select REGISTER on the menu tab and select “Register as a USER”  . Fill the form accordingly to generate your Referral link and activate your account Dashboard. Register as a Affiliate User with just $3 Dollars only and earn $1 Dollar on each referral.

Login to your Affiliate Area Dashboard and select REFERRALS – to calculate the numbers of people you have successfully referred.

Send an email to userpayment@elikes.com demanding for payment and you would receive a feedback within 12 hours. Or Write to our Customer Service on Whatsapp by Clicking the Whatsapp Icon below the left side of your screen.



To register as an advertiser is absolutely free for Regular Advert placement. (i.e) Your Adverts would be randomly placed on Elikes website.

Elikes PREMIUM Advertising subscription places your adverts among other premium Adverts at the top of the Advert listings.

All you have to do is to select REGISTER on the menu tab and select “Register as an Advertiser”

Yes an Advertiser can request for an affiliate referral link to be able to also refer his or other products or brands. Here is how it works ; Select the REFERRAL on the menu tab – register as an affiliate user – The Admin would message User on email with payment proceedure of $3 (Dollars) – Account would be activated.